Helene Bjerg

Executive coaching

When you initiate a coaching process (either face to face or via Zoom, Teams or other secure media), you create an opportunity to discover new paths to your goals. Based on your goals you will transform the way you handle your career and your life.

You will be met by a mix of challenge, support and feedback that aims to create the greatest possible impact and behavioral change.

To ensure anchoring of your coaching with relevant parties in your organization, the immediate management or board can be involved in the initiation and finalization of the coaching process. This is done on the basis of The Global Code of Ethics

Typical goals for coaching:

  • Improve personal commitment and job satisfaction
  • Gain success in a new job or role
  • Build or develop ability to lead others
  • Career development / progress
  • Increase personal performance and impact
  • Relieve stress or burnout

In the process, I will make use of a Hogan personality test or Strengthprofile as appropriate.