Unfolding your power


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Unfolding your power

On my path I have met many people that are searching for something to hold on to. My own search started when I was 20. I was studying and when I graduated I got a good job. I was building a very nice life and good resume. Hard work on a lifelong treadmill was in front of me and today I can see how that would never have been enough. Maybe you recognize this longing for doing more of what is good for you and not just what is expected.

I started a journey of self development, and I found a lot of recipes on how to fix my symptoms. I worked hard to implement all I learned, looking for relief. But it wasn’t until many years later I realized that I didn’t needed fixing. I just needed unfolding of what was already there. Slowly the feeling of being lost faded, and I finally came home.

Through my own journey I found some simple tools to use and steps to take that did most of the work, and since then I have shared these with many clients. I have witnessed how they make you feel like you have finally come home, and how the sense of feeling lost on a treadmill or in a life without meaning slowly recedes.

This is what I am sharing with you in my book: Unfolding your power – by living your personal GPS. I have designed this book so that you can read and follow the simple steps as though you are taking part in a monthly coaching session with me.

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Here are just a few examples of people who have used this book and its methods, and what they have to say about it:

The fog has lifted – and it is replaced by clear direction and energy.” Anders Sælan, Partner and Architect

Now I know what is important to me – both professionally and privately.” Jeppe Høier, CFO

I have gained courage and commitment to follow my personal compass.” Malene Eigtved, Lawyer and associated partner

My way to internally guided leadership.” Susanne Bossen, High School Principal

I have realized that I have the courage to seek more demanding opportunities.” Rikke Festersen, Director in R&D