Unfolding your power


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This is a special book. These are challenging times and never has there been a more important time to live our values and raise our consciousness! Thank you for the inspired wisdom that help others to unlock their genius.

Sue Cheshire
Founder and MD Global Leaders Academy (UK)


I’ve had this book on my desk in my office for a long time . I look at it fairly often, I like it. It’s a wonderfully produced publication, very lovely to hold and flip through. The ideas inside are simple yet powerful, there’s real wisdom underneath.

Julie Starr
Starr Consulting Group (UK)
Author of the Best Selling “The coaching Manual”


What a gem of a book!  Congratulations!
#power #success #lovemira

Mira Kelley
International Key Note Speaker and renowed author of the International Bestseller: Beyond Past Lives (USA)


Unfolding your power

On my path I have met many people that are searching for something to hold on to. My own search started when I was 20. I was studying and when I graduated I got a good job. I was building a very nice life and good resume. Hard work on a lifelong treadmill was in front of me and today I can see how that would never have been enough. Maybe you recognize this longing for doing more of what is good for you and not just what is expected.

I started a journey of self development, and I found a lot of recipes on how to fix my symptoms. I worked hard to implement all I learned, looking for relief. But it wasn’t until many years later I realized that I didn’t needed fixing. I just needed unfolding of what was already there. Slowly the feeling of being lost faded, and I finally came home.

Through my own journey I found some simple tools to use and steps to take that did most of the work, and since then I have shared these with many clients. I have witnessed how they make you feel like you have finally come home, and how the sense of feeling lost on a treadmill or in a life without meaning slowly recedes.

This is what I am sharing with you in my book: Unfolding your power – by living your personal GPS. I have designed this book so that you can read and follow the simple steps as though you are taking part in a monthly coaching session with me.


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Here are just a few examples of people who have used this book and its methods, and what they have to say about it:

The fog has lifted – and it is replaced by clear direction and energy.” Anders Sælan, Partner and Architect

Now I know what is important to me – both professionally and privately.” Jeppe Høier, CFO

I have gained courage and commitment to follow my personal compass.” Malene Eigtved, Lawyer and associated partner

My way to internally guided leadership.” Susanne Bossen, High School Principal

I have realized that I have the courage to seek more demanding opportunities.” Rikke Festersen, Director in R&D