Body Language

Imagine you are in a situation where you suddenly get this strange sensation in your body and you don’t know why. Your body is talking to you. But do you listen or do you ignore it? Every day your body gives you valuable information.

How are your body doing today? This is a question I have begun asking myself frequently. On my journey from head to heart my body has become THE most important ally. So often the body holds the key and it communicates very clearly if you dare to listen. 

But instead far too many of us view our body as an obstacle when it is not “performing”. We value the qualities to the extent that we stop listening to the body. 

The beauty of the language of the body is that it tells you long before your head how you are in your life, and when you get good at tuning in many things become clearer. 

Instead of listening to your mind, what is it that your body tells you in a situation or relationship? Is it feeling tense or relaxed. Does it feel free or restricted? Is it comfortable or do you maybe feel nauseas?

If you are not used to noticing how your body communicates it might take some practice to tune into the language of the body. 

The body’s language is sensations and feelings that we have to learn to notice and value. Often, we don’t need to understand; we just need to notice, accept and respect. That is the way of the body. 

Your body is a very sophisticated sensory mechanism that holds intelligence about anything you choose to put it through. It can help you set a pace that is truly good for you and it can help you maneuver in situations and relations. 

Unfortunately, many of us have gotten used to numbing our bodies through medication or excessive activities (exercise food, alcohol etc.) that raise the immediate satisfaction level in the body, causing us to not feel what is actually going on. 

The body is a lot slower than the mind, and for you to tune into its language you need to create space for “slow motion” (press for more about Slow Motion)

How to better tune into your body’s language:

  1. Set aside a few minutes a day to connect with and listen to your body. A very simple way is to just close your eyes and scan the whole body – one body-part at a time.
  2. When in doubt about anything consult what your body is telling you. Is it best to move away from or step closer to something? With practice your body will know.