In Slow Motion

Most of us live in the fast lane today.  Even though we wish for more time and less stress – and we already know that it would be good for us to slow down – we don’t.

What does it take to start valuing life in slow motion – to be intrinsically inspired to integrate this idea into your life?

For some people an acute need appears as a breakdown. This need manifests itself in the only way it can and the body simply closes down. But how can you integrate some slow motion in your life before this point of no return?

I have been exploring more conscious living for years now. It is fun, liberating, overwhelming and at times frightening – mostly all of them at the same time.

On my way from head to heart the most effective tool to integrate, understand and always take the next step is to make that journey in slow motion. In slowing down, I have experienced the most profound abundance of resources.

Living fast all the time is like being in one of those sped-up nature movies. We are trying to force something that is meant to happen naturally if we just follow the seasons and the flow we are in. When I realized that it became clear how it of course is impossible to force such things. Spring will arrive when spring is ready.

If we accept that periods of slow motion are meant to be there – and that this is precisely how everything will naturally unfold – it takes a lot of pressure off of us. 

Even more interestingly – when I started appreciating this natural rhythm of unfolding, my life began to unfold faster, regardless of me experiencing greater amounts of slow motion.

Living more in slow motion is one of my greatest tools to move from head to heart or body. Our mind is so fast but the body and heart takes a little more time. Thus, the slow motion is needed to experience more passion, more love, more presence – and more unfolding.

Also, I could list a lot of beautiful things I have experienced in living more in slow motion, but rather I will let you experience for yourself what it will bring for you.

How to introduce more slow motion in your life:

1. Observe how your body feels when you are in fast mode and when you are in slow motion – get to know yourself here.

2. Introduce small pockets of slow motion: Take out small breaks – just 5 min a few times a day where you deliberately slow down, walk slower, talk slower, etc.

3. Plan for slow motion either during the weekend or on your vacation.

4. When you find things are moving too fast – practice hitting the brakes and slowing down.

5. Take mental notes about what you experience when you slow down.