How was your vacation?

This is a question I hear and pose to others a lot these days. By now most of us are back from vacation and we all want so badly to be able to say “I had a wonderful vacation.” If we do not feel that way we are almost too ashamed to share it honestly. I had a woman in my practice who said the following: “My vacation has been everything – beauty and distress” and for many of us that is how it has been. Not perfect, not all fantastic, but a representation of every known feeling.

What if that is the goal? – instead of everyone being stressed out by high expectations for a flawless vacation, the goal is to slow down and feel and share. Sometimes that means that your teenage daughter (I have 2) has to challenge and test her newfound strength, that a long overdue conversation with a partner opens up to clarity or necessary questioning, that there is finally time for a friend that brings in a much needed new perspective, that you see how terrible or good you have become at taking care of your own needs with the whole family gathered around you. I am sure you can make your own list of the things that were brought to light during your vacation.

The time, space and slowness that a vacation is made of hands us an opportunity to bring out what everyone involved needs in order to take their next step. A stronger daughter, a more honest conversation, a much-needed perspective or a renewed connection.

So instead of aiming at creating a glamorous vacation, we create space for that which is much needed and overdue, as well as an inspiration for our next step.

No matter how wonderful or disastrous your vacation was it has most likely given you input for your next important step.

So, what is YOUR next important step?