Who can you help on their way?

2017 is coming to an end and it is time to take a look back, and plan for the future.

10 years ago, when I studied Coaching and Mentoring at The OCM in Oxford we had a visit from Julie Starr (Starr Consulting), a renowned coach and author. The way she entered the room – authentic, calm, light and still grounded – has been an inspiration ever since. I volunteered for her masterclass and she helped me envision where I would be in the future by looking 10 years ahead and that is in fact exactly where I am.

I knew that I wanted to continue my own business and I knew that coaching and personal development were important to me, but I was struggling seriously with both my courage to follow my almost new-found passion, and even more importantly, with how to go about this pursuit. We followed up our meeting with a mail correspondence where I asked her: How can I do this? She said:

“You have to see it as feeding birds: You don’t run around and chase them; you hold out your good seeds and then they come and eat from your hand”

Since then I have shared this advice with many, and it has been a guiding principle in how I have built my practice.

Last year some of my seeds were displayed when my book “Unfolding Your Power by Living Your Personal GPS” came out. I sent Julie a copy and this month she left a wonderful review of the book on amazon.co.uk

Besides feeling very grateful it also made me realize how much her help and encouragement has meant to me, and that made me want to reach out and remind all of you how big a difference we can make for people who are following a new and initially shaky passion. And how much they need your encouragement to keep on trying to follow their dream.

Maybe there is someone in your life or career that could use your attention, encouragement and advice while pursuing a new passion in 2018?


All the best wishes for the holidays.