Challenges are opportunties for growth

By now we have all heard about the need for being robust or resilient. In almost all job ads as well as interviews there is a focus on how we cope with the challenges that rain down on us and get back on our feet quickly. We assume that if we can get fast at fixing the challenges we meet, we will be fine. Is that really true? Could there be another way? Isn’t it about time that we change our view on challenges?

It seems like we are trying to create a job-market and a reality that will be affected as little as possible by the challenges we meet. Most of us react like challenges are some sort of disturbance in an otherwise fine reality. An unwanted disturbance that we have to help go away as quickly as possible. In our lives and conversations, challenges are rarely seen as a good thing.

But challenges are not a random inconvenient disturbance, they are one of life’s most certain things and they will keep on coming. And it is not enough that you become good at coping and keeping your head above the surface.

Yes, challenges cause loss of control: What will come next? And a challenge of status quo causes friction, discomfort and even fear. We like what we have and we don’t know if we will like what we get and we get uncomfortable if we have to change our ways even in the smallest ways.

But you have to start seing challenges as a necessary way of keeping you vibrant and diligent, as well as an important tool to expand your abilities and creative use of tools and knowledge. If necessity is the mother of invention, you actually want challenges to be a part of your life.

Challenges are actually opportunities for growth, not setbacks. How can you explore and create new ways of going about things in the light of the challenge you stand right in front of? We don’t need to fix it as fast as possible; we need to explore. We don’t need to be afraid and close ourselves down when we are challenged, instead we need to open up and be curious about the opportunities that they bring. Ask yourself, what is opening up in me and the situation as a result of this challenge?

As a part of this process we need to stop seeing ourselves as victims and pitying ourselves and each other. Compassion for fellow human beings in need is much needed but pity is ultimately the same as distrust – in your or other people’s ability to handle the challenge, and it only closes one’s eyes to creative ways of going forward.

When a challenge arises, it is usually an indication that what you have used so far will not take you to the next steps on your journey. And there will be a need for you to search for new creative ways that ultimately will result in the expansion and unfolding of you and your innate power.

If we could accept that challenges are necessary and thus face them as opportunities for expansion and unfolding, then we can stay open and curious and we will rise to the occasion. So, what is there not to  like?


How to find a way to handle challenges in a new way:


  1. When you meet a challenge – take time to explore what is going on.


  1. Ask yourself: What is opening up as a result of this challenge? In me, other people and situations?


  1. When you assume that you can handle the situation, you can ask yourself: What skills, emotions and/or actions are called for in me? (if it is hard to find the answer you can just ask that question before you go to sleep and let your subconsciousness work on it) And how do I go about activating this?