Claiming your freedom

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If I just had the money, the job or the … I would… This is a conversation that many of us have from time to time. If not with other people, then with ourselves. We are longing to feel free to do what we really want. But what if you don’t have to wait?

We get so caught up in worrying and seeing only hindrances to achieving what we really want, that  we get stuck in the belief that this and that can only happen if we have complete freedom and the absence of any responsibility.

But freedom is not something you have to wait for, it is a mindset that you can start implementing today. You don’t have to wait for more money, luck or love. If you redefine freedom to “the freedom to choose what is good for you”, you can start practicing right now by taking just 5 minutes a day and dedicating them to doing things that really do you good. It is about claiming your freedom, not waiting for it to come around.

When you start with small steps toward more freedom you will experience an increased confidence. Just the process of taking it seriously and doing a little bit at a time will give you a sense of freedom much larger than one would expect from these small actions.

So what are we waiting for? Well, as my wonderful teenage daughter said the other day: “The scariest thing about this is taking myself and my needs seriously”

Because as a result of TAKING your freedom instead of waiting for it, you are given a responsibility, not an absence of one. The responsibility to fill your life with things that are good for you, will set you free. It will take practice though; it is something you must claim bit by bit.


What to do?


  1. Start with 5 minutes where you do things that are good for only you and that provide a sense of freedom (Even one small thing will do initially).
  2. When you postpone something because of lack of freedom, turn it around and challenge yourself to do just one small thing that will bring you closer to the thing you had in mind – it is not either doing it all the way or not doing it at all.. Small steps with give you a sense of freedom.
  3. Practicing your future freedom – take outings or participate in activities as if you had all the freedom in the world. They don’t have to be expensive things or take an unreasonable amount of time out of your daily program. Be creative!

Good luck with claiming YOUR freedom

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