How do I take my leadership to the next level?

In my coaching room I help leaders that are met by ever-increasing demands and complexities in their organizations, to the extent that something new is called for. Maybe you know that situation?

Perhaps you are also asked to be more persistent, powerful, authentic, inspiring… the list seems to be endless. But even though you have been trying as hard as you can, you are running out of paths or ideas. 

It should come as no surprise to you that the best solution surfaces when you stop looking around, and instead look within yourself. It has become increasingly clear to me in my coaching practice that the solution is often already there; it just needs unfolding, focus and commitment. This is what provides sustainable change.  

So if you’re looking to take your leadership to the next level, you must first find out what is truly important to you, and only you. Because only after you have figured that out can the energy, the drive, and ultimately your success materialize. 

I have worked in this area for years now, and it all begins with you finding your own personal values. Once you find these values, they will be the guide for any decision, large or small. When maneuvering from your values it will be very clear to you when you are being authentic. It will also be quite obvious which compromises are workable and which are not. 

Does this mean that you will be more selfish? No, on the contrary it will give you energy, ease and a calmness that will leave more room for the people in your organization. 

What happens to the values of the organization you are in? Most likely they will be at least somewhat aligned. I have only seen the opposite in a few rare cases, so don’t let that stop you. As one of the leaders in my coaching practice put it: “Once I found my personal values I realized that I could get almost everything where I was, I just hadn’t been focused on looking for it.” 

If you have become curious on how to proceed from here, I believe that my blogposts will provide you answers to that end. In the following months I will guide you through a pragmatic and tangible process that can bring you one step closer to the next level of your leadership.