In Pursuit of the Unproven

Why are we obsessed with evidence and research when data is already yesterday’s news? And how can we then be surprised that we keep on getting the exact same results as yesterday?  By now it should have become clear that the things that will bring us into the future are those that are not proven… yet.

On all levels and in all dimensions, we are drowning in data about how to and how not to. Even people that are trying to innovate often talk about disrupting the old models and beliefs. But this is still starting from a place where we are already stuck.

We need to start a dialogue about how we can be courageous enough to, in our workplace and world, encourage the pursuit of things that are not proven.

Here there are no guarantees, no security, no fitting in.. We need to set each other and ourselves free to play the game of the unproven.

As soon as you look out towards data about competitors, peers, markets, niches, trends, etc., you have lost your access to the one and only resource that can create something new… YOU!

When we try to prove and convince with historic data we are only talking to our rationale and here the mind will find comfort in things that it can somewhat recognize and find safe. But now that we are in desperate need of something new we need to start looking somewhere else.

When I look at the people I work with, there is a common denominator when they gain the courage to head for the unproven: they are guided from within, instead of being guided primarily by external input, approval and recognition.

Thus, when you are presented with something that will be a profound game changer you have to accept that there might not be any proof, or evidence at all for that matter. Here you need to use your intuition, gut or heart, and here you will recognize a knowing –  that this is right.

The tyranny of historic data must be disrupted and we need to start taking more risks on the things that are not proven at all… just yet.

How to start your journey with the unproven:

  1. Is there something that makes you curious without any rational explanation? (Trust this curiosity to guide you to a different answer)


  1. Is this something you can experiment with? (How will I decide, prioritize and act if I follow this curiosity?)


  1. Where do I go from here if I want to be more guided from within? (LINK)