Mastering change in your life

dreamstime_l_58884268_change_fotor_v2You know that something is not good for you and that you need to make a change. But what, where and how? These questions are often what stop us from making important life changes. Instead of making a change you suck it up. After all you should be grateful; you are more privileged than most. Why can’t you just be happy with what you have?

Change is inevitable – small and large changes that are either chosen by or forced upon us. If you try to numb or calm the inner voice that is searching for some change for too long, the changes are often forced upon you. For example, being fired from a job that you haven’t liked for a long time or losing a relationship that hasn’t been meaningful for maybe years.

We often prefer that things stay the same and we don’t choose the change that we know will be good for us, simply because we don’t know what we will get if we make that decision. Before we change something we want a guaranteed new safe haven, and when that is not possible we’d rather stay. And in these cases we tend to forget that if we are miserable it is not serving anything or anybody.

But refusing the inevitable tides of change in our lives is usually not possible in the long run, and if we close down the inner urge for something different it will get louder and louder until eventually it is screaming so loud that it might even manifest itself in sickness, stress, depression or excessive anxiety; your inner voice’s last resort.

But there is another way… It doesn’t have to be a big and dramatic decision to invite change into your life – you don’t necessarily need to change your job, home, spouse, friends etc. Rather, it is a commitment to slowly creating room for the new things that you are longing for right where you are. This will make you stronger, give you the possibility to experiment and make you better equipped if you eventually have to make the change anyway.


When YOU are the master of change in your life, it brings about a peace because you now know that if you have the urge to change something, you might as well get started… better sooner than later.

However, in order to move forward you need to know what it is you are looking for and continuously focus on how that can be fulfilled – by taking all the small steps every day. This will bring you back in the driver’s seat of your life instead of only being the passenger in changes that are forced upon you.


This is how to get started:

  1. Start everyday with 5-10 minutes where you sit with closed eyes and focus on your breathing (5-10 min is a minimum – you can sit for longer if you choose to).


  1. After sitting: Write down your feelings or anything that comes to mind in a notebook – It doesn’t have to be long; it can be short and in bullet points.


Step 1 and 2 will strengthen your access to your inner voice and will make the next steps easier.


  1. Find out what it is that you want: (LINK)


  1. Commit to finding small ways of implementing things that are good for you every day!


Good luck with becoming the master of change in your life.


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