Allowing unfolding

Studenter_Fotor_Blog July 2016

Do you use most of your energy planning, directing, executing and simply steering any project in your life and career? First of all this controlling is rarely possible –  but what if we actually prohibit a level of success and a new direction that we could never have imagined?

Many of us have reached a level of knowledge and insight that makes it possible to have a decent amount of control over many things in our lives. We often know what to do and that knowledge is based on past experiences and already proven models. But does the past deliver sufficient information for our future decisions? Is that really how we create new angles and disruptions that will provide for us the opportunities to continue to unfold ourselves and the projects in our lives.

If we look around there are plenty examples these days, but I have a small example from a recent experience of my own, about how it is necessary to allow any project to show you the way instead of letting your own imagination limit the outcome.

Apparently my new book “Unfolding Your Power” has become an interesting read and popular gift for this summer’s graduates from high school, college and university. The streets in Denmark are filling up with GCSE graduates. It is always a wonderful time of the year; reminding us about a time where our entire life was in front of us. I don’t currently have any of these young people close to me in my life, so my imagination simply puts me in the things I can relate to. I am not that familiar with the current inclination young people have to find a meaningful direction in their lives – I certainly didn’t have those reflections back then. But now my book’s journey unfolds by itself; I need only allow it. I have to lead the way and at the same time get out of the way.

I hope that this summer you will allow the projects you have in your life to show you the way of unfolding.


How to lead the way without getting in the way:

  1. Always leave room for getting inspired by things you had not seen coming… Give them time, take them in and reflect on them before you kick them to the curb.


  1. Use your Personal GPS (See more here) and your vision to evaluate whether the disruptions are relevant, or just something you could not have imagined yourself.


Enjoy the summer, as well as the letting go of the planning, directing and executing!

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