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When a breakdown becomes a breakthrough

Why is it that a breakdown is mostly viewed as something bad, and for some a personal failure? What went wrong that left you unable to hold on and keep going? Very often it is seen as weakness. Ironically we have an increasing number of people having breakdowns due to stress, and many people experiencing… Read more »

Why opening yourself up is the only way out

Do you know the feeling when something unpleasant is happening and all of the sudden you feel like you are closing yourself down? The anticipated danger brings out caution and the common reaction is to close down in protection. For many of us this reaction can happen faster than we realize, and often takes place… Read more »

What happens when we try to make each other wrong?

Imagine you have decided to pursue something new and very important to you. The enthusiasm is shining in your eyes and you can feel in every cell of your body that this is right for you. You start sharing it with the people in your life… You are vulnerable and maybe still looking for recognition… Read more »

Taking leadership by letting go and slowing down

For most of our working life, we get caught up reacting to issues and conflicts that arise suddenly. You most likely know the constant pressure of trying to think harder and act faster. What if that could be different? What if you could operate from a level where you could keep your creativity and focus… Read more »

When being present creates better results

Like most people you are probably very busy finishing things before Christmas. You are so busy that you very likely can’t stop thinking about all the things you still need to do, and this often makes you lose track of the things that are right in front of you. It can feel almost impossible to… Read more »

Are you ready to be serious about your own journey?

A woman I am coaching recently asked me: “Whose needs come first, mine or those around me?” Maybe you recognize the way she was constantly debating with herself about whether her own journey and needs could in any way be as important as the needs presented to her by everyone else in her life. She… Read more »