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Do NOT Disturb

Soon many of us will leave on summer vacation. We have great plans with family and friends but before we know it, we have checked both emails and answered phone calls. I have many people in my practice that claim that this is not a problem, but being back in the performance/job loop will not… Read more »

LOOK OUT – for potential

Look out! –  for potential… We are so quick to judge each other. We’re always keeping an eye on the things that others are doing wrong, or even worse, ways in which there must be something wrong with them. Many of us don’t even notice that this can be the lens through which we see… Read more »

The END of fixing negativity

You are on a roll – in a good flow and suddenly you are thrown off your feet. Your leader, colleague, spouse or maybe even friend sends their negativity your way, and even if what they are sharing has nothing to do with you, you are affected. What to do? Many of us have an… Read more »

Unstuck with acceptance

Somebody just failed to meet your expectations. Again… How hard can it be? Why are they hurting me? Why don’t they do what is obviously right… And on top of that it is probably not the first time this has happened. Often this results in a myriad of complaining in our own minds and we… Read more »

Living Out Loud

Recently Michelle Obama did her last White House interview with Oprah Winfrey and amongst other things she described how she believes in “living out loud”. Showing her values by living them, not explaining or defending them. What a great reminder this is about the responsibility I and each one of us have.   Living out… Read more »

STOP pushing for better performance

Why do we think we have to push each other to achieve great results? We know that people work best if they feel inspired and energized but regardless of this, we often control, follow up and put pressure on people in order to make sure that they meet their goals. And even worse – if… Read more »

Why Your #1 Priority is Your Balance

Do you know the feeling of being out of balance – where everything seems difficult and complex? Most of us are familiar with this place, and at times we get stuck there. We lose our energy and foresight, and everything seems to go wrong. We are desperately aware that the more we lose our balance,… Read more »

Mastering change in your life

You know that something is not good for you and that you need to make a change. But what, where and how? These questions are often what stop us from making important life changes. Instead of making a change you suck it up. After all you should be grateful; you are more privileged than most…. Read more »

Is perfection killing YOU slowly?

We tend to think that if we do everything perfectly we will succeed in our lives, relationships and careers. If we are perfect we will finally impress others, be respected and maybe even be seen and heard. We have to have the right house, the right job, the right career and the perfect family. We… Read more »

Allowing unfolding

Do you use most of your energy planning, directing, executing and simply steering any project in your life and career? First of all this controlling is rarely possible –  but what if we actually prohibit a level of success and a new direction that we could never have imagined? Many of us have reached a… Read more »