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Are you looking for new inspiration

Are you on the lookout for new inspiration? Perhaps another expert will provide the answers? No doubt the experts can deliver a lot, but maybe you should just look around at the people in your life and see that the inspiration you’re looking for might be right in front of you. When each of us… Read more »

Claiming your freedom

If I just had the money, the job or the … I would… This is a conversation that many of us have from time to time. If not with other people, then with ourselves. We are longing to feel free to do what we really want. But what if you don’t have to wait? We… Read more »

I see you

I see you coaching - self development, truly me, present, listen

“I just want to be seen. Not famous or noticed, just seen for the person I am.” These were the words of a man in my coaching room the other day. He was trying to find possible ways forward in solving a challenge, when he suddenly became quiet… After a long pause he looked up… Read more »

Where do you turn when things get tough?

You are losing sight of the big picture and you don’t know where to turn. Most of us know the feeling, and when we reach this point we desperately look around to find tools or people than can help us out. This is what we do… we look outwards for help. But what if the… Read more »

The easiest way to your goals

Do you know which goals you really want to accomplish but you are constantly doubting and worrying?  If you are like many people you are focusing more on the hindrances and risk associated with reaching your goals than on the things that actually bring you closer to them. Sometimes this will even cause you to… Read more »

When you hold back

When you hold back Somehow most of us have the impression that there is a certain way to do things that is most likeable, and a model for success that fits us all. In an effort to have a good life we try to comply, because who wouldn’t want to be liked and be successful? Good… Read more »

Trust will set you free

Do you realize how different it feels to meet people with trust vs. distrust? Many of us have been brought up with exhortations of how to watch out and be careful about whom and what we should trust. Most of us need good reasons to trust other people and we only let our guards down… Read more »

Who said you needed fixing?

For way too many people the self-development movement has turned into a race to fix ourselves. At what point did it become a truth that you need fixing and that you are not good enough as you are? In fact it is the other way around. You are perfect exactly as you are and most… Read more »