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Ending Oppression

Ending oppression I just finished watching a movie about a whistleblower in the tobacco industry. The length people in power are going to shut him down was scaring him – but not enough to keep him quiet.This week a Danish CEO stepped down because she didn’t feel supported in ending oppression – this time it… Read more »

New Ways In a Crisis

The new crisis and situation in Denmark and the world is calling for new ways. It is hard to keep on doing what we are used to do – not only during the quarantine – but also in the long run. Questions that we can ask ourselves are:   Which new business models will emerge?… Read more »

How was your vacation?

This is a question I hear and pose to others a lot these days. By now most of us are back from vacation and we all want so badly to be able to say “I had a wonderful vacation.” If we do not feel that way we are almost too ashamed to share it honestly…. Read more »

Body Language

Imagine you are in a situation where you suddenly get this strange sensation in your body and you don’t know why. Your body is talking to you. But do you listen or do you ignore it? Every day your body gives you valuable information. How are your body doing today? This is a question I… Read more »

In Slow Motion

Most of us live in the fast lane today.  Even though we wish for more time and less stress – and we already know that it would be good for us to slow down – we don’t. What does it take to start valuing life in slow motion – to be intrinsically inspired to integrate… Read more »

My Way From Head to Heart

There is so much of my daily life and work that I start by trying to figure things out in my mind –  and I am getting quite good at it. Maybe your life is like that too? I have known for a long time that I need to include my heart more in this… Read more »

If I just had the money, I would….

“If I just had the money, I would…” is a sentence I hear very often in my practice. It is clear that although there is much talk and debate about creating meaning, many still have some of their most important goals centered around money, and on top of that have a longing to become financially… Read more »

Breaking Free

Many people have a dream to break free from their daily lives, and perhaps even a dream about leaving everything behind and opening a B&B or living on an island in the Caribbean. Over the last couple of months, I have encountered quite a few people that checked out and decided to quit their jobs… Read more »


“I want people to respect me more” is something I hear often in my practice. We tend to ask the world around us for the things we are longing for: attention, respect, flexibility, some slack, time, caring, and being seen and heard or taken seriously are just a few examples. Some of us spend almost… Read more »

HOW to practice simplicity

So many of the discussions I have in my practice have at their core a wish for more simplicity in life or a career. It seems like in pursuing success so many of us get lost in a complexity that runs everything: Suddenly there is no spare time or freedom to decide what you want… Read more »