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Challenges are opportunties for growth

By now we have all heard about the need for being robust or resilient. In almost all job ads as well as interviews there is a focus on how we cope with the challenges that rain down on us and get back on our feet quickly. We assume that if we can get fast at… Read more »

What is the story about you?

Every day, every hour, every minute, you base your decisions and actions on the story about you – what is the story that you tell about yourself? Is it updated, optimistic and encouraging or is it modest, one-sided and limiting? Usually we base our story on what we have heard about ourselves from others along… Read more »

Causing Pain When Practicing Love

Most of us get up in the morning wanting to be caring and loving to the people we meet Throughout our day Although it doesn’t always end up that way, that is where we start. Mostly we associate this with being soft, tender and caring, and certainly there will at times be the need for… Read more »

Its Nobodys Fault

Something has gone wrong and you feel terrible… It happens all the time and for many of us, the next step is to start finding out where the guilt has to go: Who or what is to blame? Is it my leader, my colleague, my parents, my health or the weather? And you might even… Read more »

Who can you help on their way?

2017 is coming to an end and it is time to take a look back, and plan for the future. 10 years ago, when I studied Coaching and Mentoring at The OCM in Oxford we had a visit from Julie Starr (Starr Consulting), a renowned coach and author. The way she entered the room –… Read more »

In Pursuit of the Unproven

Why are we obsessed with evidence and research when data is already yesterday’s news? And how can we then be surprised that we keep on getting the exact same results as yesterday?  By now it should have become clear that the things that will bring us into the future are those that are not proven…… Read more »

The illusion of control

So often people say… “I just need to get this under control” or “I already have this under control.” For many of us this is the goal: Once we have gained control, we have succeeded, and maybe we even have a good life. But how can this be a goal when the only thing that… Read more »

Are you beating yourself up?

Now, look back at a time where you had a conflict, or you made a mistake that left you pondering about how on earth you could have acted the way you did. Did you beat yourself up? I certainly know the feeling and the blame game that starts in my head. Was it my fault, could… Read more »

Have you become a self-improvement project?

How can I make myself more effective? How can I optimize the way I work? Is there something that I can adjust that will make me a better leader? These are questions that fill many people’s minds, and when I suggest that there might not be a demand for dramatic improvement, I am met with… Read more »

In search of questions. NOT answers

Most of the time we are looking for answers: What is the solution? What should I do? How can I get there? And it has to be fast! It is all well and good if we know the answers, yet often not so welcome when we open to doubt and further questioning. Sometimes we even… Read more »