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How do I become a leader others want to follow?

Being true to your personal values releases energy and unfolds your power in a way that will inspire both you and others. When you get a taste of making decisions and setting priorities based on your personal values, (Step 1) (Step 2) you will experience how this alignment slowly increases your energy. You probably know… Read more »

What is truly important to me in my career?

If you are like most of the leaders I meet, this is a question that you have already asked yourself, though you still may be unclear on the answer. Being clear on what is important to you will open the door to the next level of your leadership and in this blog post I will… Read more »

How do I take my leadership to the next level?

In my coaching room I help leaders that are met by ever-increasing demands and complexities in their organizations, to the extent that something new is called for. Maybe you know that situation? Perhaps you are also asked to be more persistent, powerful, authentic, inspiring… the list seems to be endless. But even though you have been… Read more »